At Fit-Outs we understand the importance of mirrors for the fitness and health industry.

You will be amazed by the optical-quality image, the light weight and brightness, the safety and best of all - glassless mirrors will never shatter, offering a lightweight alternative to plate glass! No distortion. No funhouse effect. 

Fit-Outs glassless mirrors have a perfect reflective image, better than most standard plate, acrylic or plastic mirrors. With no distortion and without sacrificing image quality, glassless mirrors are perfect for countless applications. Fitness centers, gymnasiums, health clubs, Yoga, Pilates and dance studios, martial arts studios, cardio and weight rooms, home gyms, physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics, Zumba and aerobics, really anywhere you need a mirror to check your form - and specifically a SAFE mirror - without any glass.

Fit-Outs glassless mirrors are extremely portable as they are much lighter than traditional mirrors.  They truly are light - a 4′x6′ glassless mirror panel weighs less than ten pounds, compared to a glass mirror of the same size which weighs 72lbs! If you have to move locations, or want to hang them on a different wall - take them with you! The same applies to our glassless mirrors on rolling stands.

The glassless mirrors are made of a high optical grade film. The film is similar to  Mylar®  which is stretched and sealed over a rigid frame, with a solid foam core backing. The perfectly flat film surface results in an incredible reflective image – no distortion! 

Glassless Mirror on rolling stands
Glassless Mirror on Rolling Stands

Our shatterproof glassless mirrors are for wall mount, ceiling mount or available on rolling or stationary stands. Choose from a variety of standard sizes for vertical or horizontal installation. Custom sizes are also available. Using multiple panels of glass mirrors on our rolling stands enables you to divide your space into different areas. Putting two same-size panels back-to-back on rolling stands allows for a double-sided mirror.

With Fit-Outs glassless mirrors there is no need to worry about dangerous shards of glass,  thereby avoiding liabilities and injuries. A perfect solution for those school districts where you are unable to have plate glass mirrors on stands. Insurance premiums may be reduced when using glassless mirrors.

Moving? All you need do is take down the wall-mounted glassless mirrors and re-hang them at your new location!