Why Fit-Outs fitness barres?  All our fitness barres are designed with strength, stability, high quality and durability in mind.

Whether you need a freestanding, wall mount, custom floor mounted or even portable fitness barres, our engineered designs can stand up to intense use for any fitness and rehabilitation exercise application. Our powder-coated finish, which is superior to paint, is baked on to ensure it will last for years, even through high traffic use.

Barre Fitness Barre






White 3ft Barre Fitness Barre


Choices, choices…

  • Barre fitness barres, for your studio barre fitness classes, or for home gyms and studios - 3ft in length, 3ft high.
  • Freestanding fitness barres (double barres) to accommodate those extra participants at barre fitness, cardio barre, ballet barre or general barre workout classes - 4' to 20' lengths.
  • Wall mount fitness barres and brackets for more permanent installation - standard and custom lengths.
  • Portable fitness barre (with carrying case) if portability or storage is a factor - 4.5', 9' and 13' lengths. 
  • Floor mounted brackets for barres to place in front of mirrors or spots where you can't mount a wall mount barre - custom made barre lengths available.
  • Adjustable fitness barres are available in three heights, if you need shorter barres for kids fitness. 

Perhaps they are for something you have in mind that we haven’t thought of! We have barres to fit your every need!

What about brackets?

Brackets are available as wall mount or floor mount, closed or open, made of aluminum and available in black, white or gray.

  • Open brackets or closed brackets?
  • Brackets for wall mount.
  •  Floor mount brackets.
  • We also have single or double brackets. Even a combination of all may be required


Example of wood barre/black fitness bracket and white aluminum.

Floor Mounted brackets with barre
Photo courtesy of VPilates - Our custom floor mounted black fitness brackets with gray aluminum barre

But wait! There’s more…

  • Hand crafted, smooth wood finished (Hemlock).
  • Our aluminum powder coated barres and brackets are offered in black white or grey.
  • Different lengths available, including custom. 

The choice is yours, we have them all, so call or email and we can help you choose the best barre to fit you out!

Wall Mount Fitness Barres with Brackets 
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Adjustable Fitness Barre
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